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Who doesn't love a good hug!? Send a BOXFULL of Hugs when you can't be there in person!

We created BoxFull when a close friend of ours was having a difficult time during the early days of the COVID pandemic. The circumstances of the time meant we were unable to hop on a plane to be with them in-person. Sending flowers just didn’t feel personal enough.

We decided to create a handmade box full of hugs – the first BoxFull. We wanted to curate a care package that was personal – so that when our friend needed a hug, they had one. They could squeeze our bear and imagine us giving them a big bear hug back.

As the world begins to heal from the height of the pandemic, the expanse of our world still remains. Sometimes you just can’t be there in person – and if you can’t be there, at least BoxFull can. A box of love, warm thoughts, comfort, or laughs – you can send it all to your loved ones with BoxFull.

MADE Chamber and community involvement:

As a new member we are learning about the various resources available through the MADE Chamber. For example: I attended a luncheon in the Spring and am now engaged with Mason High School's Experiential Learning program as a way to give back and grow my business at the same time.

BoxFull has been very engaged with the Community donating to various fundraisers and events throughout Mason and a booth at the 2021 Mason Heritage Festival. The partnership we are most proud of is the one we have built with the LoveLikeJJ Foundation. Very early on 2 of our BoxFulls were purchased for JJ's sisters and we've felt called to support them ever since. We partnered on the creation of the JJ Puppy, supporting their 5k events, and other events throughout the year.


Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

There is so much experience and so many resources offered by the Chamber that we can utilize and learn from to continue to grow our small business. As a HR professional with 15 years of experience and various other entrepreneurial endeavors, I look forward to ways in which I can give back to the Chamber and other members - giving as much as I take.

Fun facts about you/your business:

  • We started our business in our Dining Room and my husband & 2 kids help fulfill orders

  • We became teddy bear designers through the process of starting our business

  • I'm still very close to my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Sporer through discussion with her, she inspired our children’s book - Buddy the Bear and his Bundles of Cuddles

Like the emerald, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

Our strength is that the core of our business is created and operates around caring for others. I believe that losing my mother at a young age has drawn me to wanting to provide comfort. The compassion and empathy our BoxFulls are built on means we build powerful relationships with recipients and the sender by putting their experience first.

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a gemstone, what would they be?

Clarity derived from compassionate purpose.

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