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Dianna Knudsen

Helping people achieve wellness has always been my professional goal. After completing my master's degree in occupational therapy, I worked in various leadership roles in the healthcare industry for nearly 10 years. While I have a passion for helping others achieve physical wellness, I saw an even greater opportunity to help others achieve financial wellness and transitioned to Edward Jones in 2015. Today, my focus is to partner with clients in 26 states to uncover their most important financial goals and create customized strategies to achieve them.

Lisa, the Branch Office Administrator, and I take a holistic approach to understand our clients. We work to remove financial jargon, educate and simplify our process so that our clients can focus on their personal lives and loved ones. Our clients have a desire to learn, plan, grow and to partner together to achieve and protect their goals. We offer an in-depth, transparent appointment process to identify where you are today, where you want to go and if there are any gaps keeping you from getting there.

Our office is supported by industry-recognized analysts and strategists with the latest technology, all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for financial security.

What you can expect from me:

- Confidentiality
- Personalized strategy based on your financial goals and comfort with risk
- Individual attention and prompt answers to financial questions and concerns
- Explanation of why I am suggesting a certain investment or strategy
- Education of what you can expect in volatility and return
- Clear explanation of costs


When I'm not working with clients, my husband, Seth, and I chase our young kids, Carter and Angela. We enjoy teaching our kids the value of teamwork and sportsmanship through their various youth activities and volunteering for school events. We spend time visiting family in Minnesota and North Dakota throughout the year. I’m also an avid hiker and enjoy hiking Colorado's tallest peaks.

MADE Chamber and community involvement:

I joined the chamber in 2018. The welcome atmosphere made me want to help and support others in the same way it helped me. I have been an ambassador for 3 years working to promote the chamber, welcome new members, and provide new ideas. Since moving to Mason in 2017, I have also focused on volunteering and donating to various non profit organizations throughout the community. During the pandemic, I also co-founded an initiative "masks for mason teachers" to ensure our teachers were not only prepared to teach the young minds of Mason, but most importantly that our teachers felt the support of the community as we navigated through the uncertainty of COVID 19.


Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

Being a part of the chamber has given me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with business owners and members of the community. It helps me to be informed of upcoming initiatives and opportunities available to help make Mason and Deerfield more than we could imagine.

Fun facts about you/your business:

My husband and I have two children, Carter (8) and Angela (4). We will be welcoming our 3rd child in January 2023. I enjoy teaching my kids the value of teamwork and sportsmanship through various youth activities. I can often be found at ice rinks, soccer fields, and swimming pools. I relocated my business to Mason in 2017.


Throughout my career thorough planning and education has been the foundation of my business. I personally strive to seek additional knowledge and opportunities to provide the newest principles of financial planning and investing. For this reason, I obtained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in July 2021 completing rigorous education coursework and accruing thousands of hours of experience prior to earning the certification. Some of the principal knowledge areas include:

  • Professional conduct and regulation

  • General principles of financial strategies

  • Risk management and insurance planning

  • Investment strategies

  • Retirement savings and income planning

  • Estate considerations

Like the emerald, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

I believe a goal without a plan is a dream. I focus on developing confidential, thorough, individualized financial plans for individuals and business owners throughout the community. I have a background in healthcare which provides additional knowledge and expertise of one of the largest expenses for our aging populations. My office also focuses on support of our clients and the community with easy to understand education. Finance is filled with jargon that makes the planning and investing process challenging. I take the time to build the right foundation for financial planning and investing then continue to help individuals navigate and stay on track as their financial goals change and evolve.

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a gemstone, what would they be?

Goal Oriented




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