Hoxworth Blood Center

Mason Deerfield Chamber involvement:

Hoxworth Blood Center has been a part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber for 1 year. We are proud to maintain a presence with the Chamber and the Community. 

Community involvement:

Hoxworth Blood Center serves over 30 hospitals and medical facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Hoxworth collects blood from local donors at our Neighborhood Donor Centers and mobile blood drives to ensure that patients can receive lifesaving blood and platelet products. Hoxworth operated a Neighborhood Donor Center on Mason-Montgomery Road for several years, and continues to maintain a presence in Mason-Deerfield through regular mobile drives. In 2018, Hoxworth hosted 90 blood drives in the Mason Deerfield area, with help from local partners. During the 2018 year 90 blood drives were hosted collecting 2,136 units of lifesaving blood products.

Other milestones, achievements, etc.:

Hoxworth Blood Center is also an internationally-recognized research institution, committed to discovering technologies and innovative cell therapies, resulting in improved methods that ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the blood and hematopoietic cell supply. 

Fun facts about you/your business:

Hoxworth is the only steward of the local blood supply--the blood we collect is used right here in our community! Since there is no substitute for blood, nor a way to manufacture it in a lab, we rely on the time and generosity of volunteer blood donors to meet the needs of local patients.  Hoxworth is also the second-oldest blood bank in the United States.   Hoxworth Blood Center is the second oldest blood bank in the United States and the only blood bank that is part of a University.

Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

As an organization that cannot thrive--or exist!--without the support of the community, Hoxworth Blood Center truly values the opportunity to be part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber. Hoxworth relies on individuals to give blood, organizations and business to host drives, and communities to spread the word about the constant, growing need for blood and platelets. The Chamber's prominence in the Mason community allows Hoxworth to convey the need and spread awareness about our mission.