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ICM Learning Academy

We give the best opportunity to the students to learn Quran with the convenience of their time. As compared to other online Quran academies we are renowned for consistency and flexibility. ICM Learning Academy is an educational organization that provides online courses that enhance learners’ knowledge about Islam. We believe that knowledge does not come without effort, commitment, and dedication; and that our role is to facilitate the learning process and provide guidance to those who wish to reap its fruits.

MADE Chamber and community involvement:

We have been serving to meet the needs of the community by collaborating with mason city schools food pantry in helping feed students & Families in need and working along with the Women Walking West organization to provide education to women around the world who are in financial & moral Support. During the pandemic we served the frontliners hospital workers by providing lunches and dropping off groceries to Covid affected families. We Supported ‘One City Against Heroin’ by funding their Rehab Center.


Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

Being a part of Mason Deerfield Chamber is a prestige in itself. Mason Deerfield Chamber is an influential voice and power that stands for the wellbeing of the local business environment and helps to promote and improve its growth.  It gives us credibility and access to valuable resources and helps build business relationships.  Mason Deerfield Chamber provides us with numerous networking opportunities.

Fun facts about you/your business:

We are a non-profit school serving students educational needs online globally and in person locally.

Like the emerald, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

Our Strength is our management team who are very enthusiastic and passionate about their work and values.

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a gemstone, what would they be?

Connected, Progressive, Motivating, Nurturing and Dedicated

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