Kala Coffeehouse

Mason Deerfield Chamber involvement:

Kala Coffeehouse is active as a MADE Sponsor and participates in as many MADE Chamber events a possible.  We provide the venue and the coffee for the monthly MADE Chamber Café.   We also host a monthly meeting for the development of the MADE Grate Grill-Off.

Community involvement:

Kala Coffeehouse exists to give back to the community, specifically to Mason and Warren County children in need.  All tips received from Kala customers are given to five local charities/foundations that directly impact a child’s needs. Those are: Greater Project, Building Blocks 4 Kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters, New Life Furniture and Shine Like Sable. We support local schools and causes with merchandise to be including in their auctions/raffles.

Other milestones, achievements, etc.:

In our first year and a half, we have given our charities over $33.000.  Kala Coffeehouse was nominated for the 2018 Gems of Excellence Hospitality Hero Award.  Although we did not win that nomination, we were awarded the MADE Gems of Excellence first People’s Choice Award. 

Fun facts about you/your business:

Kala Coffeehouse has the best staff around and has yet to advertise for employees.  We have also been told by customers we are becoming the place to meet and connect whether it’s business or social, and that they just like visiting with us.

Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

Being part of MADE Chamber has allowed Kala Coffeehouse to: be a positive and productive resource to the community; connect and partner with local businesses to enhance each other’s growth; and have legitimacy as an established business in the short time we’ve been open.