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Oasis Senior Advisors

Oasis Senior Advisors Mason was born in July of 2019, deriving from years of research to better understand the role of a Senior Advisor in the community and the sustainability of a career that could combine passion, compassion, drive, and determination, working with the elderly population.

After significant time spent researching, interviewing, and going through discovery with a handful of franchise systems, I knew immediately when I met with Oasis Senior Advisors that it was the right fit. The time and resources they invested in providing the right support to their owners was evident. The proprietary software created to help manage business effectively was an important piece of the business, and it helped me to stand out quickly in an Industry that was very tight knit. And their mission, as a whole, was inspiring.

Over the past few years, every day is spent creating new relationships and nurturing existing relationships within the senior care industry to make sure we can provide the very best resources to our clients. Our daily mission is to impact the lives of our clients in a positive way, while they are dealing with an often stressful and pivoting moment in time.

Although our business model is built on private pay placements to our senior communities, we provide a significant number of hours monthly to our seniors who are under resourced. We do this work pro-bono and understand that our seniors and their families need our support, no matter their socioeconomic status. I am very proud of this piece of the business, and proud of all of our Advisors who give their time generously and to all.

Families are often in crisis mode when they get to us, and often their loved one has reached a point where they are no longer safe to stay home alone and care for themselves effectively. We understand that often, what the families want isn’t always what their aging loved one wants, so we pride ourselves on managing difficult conversations and involving the senior as much as possible in the decision-making process.

The needs of each family are often complex, with many pieces to the puzzle to put together in order to make the best recommendations for next steps. We take this very seriously, knowing that the right fit means everything.

By consulting with our client and learning what their needs are, we are able to find what fits their geographic desires, care needs, financial parameters and hobbies and interests. It is our desire that every senior we help with transition is creating a positive outcome.

When you work with any of our Oasis Senior Advisors, you will find the same tenacious representation of our brand. Just as the vision was when I opened, our Advisors carry out the passion, compassion, drive, and determination necessary to continue to grow and serve in this community!

MADE Chamber and community involvement:

I have enjoyed attending Chamber events to network within our community and celebrate the accomplishments of other businesses! The staff at this chamber are master connectors, and really take it to heart to make sure our community is connected and supporting one another.

Our community is so important to me. It has been home to me for many years. Our community has such great diversity, with many cultures and many generations representing our population. My passion is serving our elderly and advocating as much as possible for a voice that is sometimes overlooked and unheard in a world that has become fast paced and technology dependent.

I proudly Chair the Walk to End Alzheimer’s of Butler and Warren Counties, for my second year in this role and fourth year as a committee member. The work they do is so important in moving the needle for research to slow the progression of a devastating disease and will assist in someday finding a cure.

I am also a founding member and sit on the board for a local nonprofit organization, Cincinnati Aging Resource Experts- providing resources and information to empower seniors to continue to have a positive quality of life as they continue to age.

In addition to my community involvement, it is supported and encouraged that my employees spend time during their work week contributing to community organizations, and I am proud to say that collectively as a team, we also sit on the board for Association for Professionals in Aging, sit on the board for the Giving Voice Foundation, have a certified trainer for Powerful Tools through Catholic Charities to offer free family support groups for loved ones struggling with the demands of caregiving for an aging loved one, and provide social work support to a grant funded project through the Neuropsych Center of Cincinnati, called Purposeful Planning, to help families navigate next steps with a loved one suffering with dementia.

Outside of the work realm, I have served for eight years as the Chair of Faculty Appreciation Day at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, to celebrate teachers and staff in all five buildings, twice a year. As my son wraps up his senior year of high school, this will be tough to transition out of. It has been a true joy to serve in this role.


Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

I believe that we all, in some way in our daily work lives, are serving our elderly. You can be a part of a large organization with many employees, and some may miss work often to care for an aging loved one, and we can help through EAP benefits to provide our free service to these families. You may work in a service industry that can help cater to the needs of our elderly by providing discounted meals and special dining times, so they don’t wait long. You may work in landscaping and can provide discounted services to elderly struggling to keep up with their yards. We all serve our elderly. The Chamber allows us all to realize how we connect in the community and can work together for the greater good of building a strong, financially sound, and service focused city. Being involved in the Chamber helps me to know that our mission is being shared by others in leadership positions, and that means better outcomes for families and seniors struggling with senior care or senior living options.

Fun facts about you/your business:

Our entire team has worked together in the past, in other roles with other organizations but helping each other with many shared clients. Those paths brought together Team Oasis, and we still share the exact same mission together! And believe it or not, as divided as our team is in support of Browns vs. Bengals, we still manage to get along!

Like the emerald, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

Compassion. It’s one thing to have passion and drive for something. It’s another thing to execute with COMPASSION, and I believe this is what my entire team excels at.

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a gemstone, what would they be?

Transparent. Clear. Luminating path ahead

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