Mason Deerfield Chamber involvement:

Jason served as a committee member of the Deerfield Township Strategic Action Steering committee, striving to implement a strategy to promote business growth in the community. The Steering committee consisted of meetings on a quarterly basis, seeking input and support as they developed their action plan.  Further, the Mason Deerfield Chamber played a prominent role in the decision to locate Vernovis in Deerfield Township.  As Vernovis outgrew its existing space in 2015, meetings and participation with the Chamber directly impacted Bryan and Jason’s decision to keep their business in the fabric of the Mason-Deerfield communities and to support continued growth in this prominent area of Cincinnati.  

Community involvement:

Jason is a board member of Per Scholas in both Columbus and Cincinnati. Per Scholas is a non-profit organization, which provides individuals technology education to individuals from under-served communities. Jason is a vital contributor in their fund-raising process, interviews candidates for the program and serves as an educational speaker to enrolled students. At the top level, Jason works to connect other local leaders through his position as a board member for The Circuit. The Circuit is a non-profit organization, which aims to be a connector for the Information Technology Community in greater Cincinnati. Jason meets with the other board members every other month to develop ways to educate and grow the strength of the technology community. 
 Outside of involvement with non-profit organizations, Jason also co-launched comSpark in Cincinnati three years ago. ComSpark is an innovative technology solutions summit with the goal of connecting the technology community to foster growth, learning, collaboration and innovation. Jason has since expanded the event to Columbus to create an even larger opportunity for communication between technology communities to continue to foster tech talent and business growth.

Vernovis President, Bryan Kaiser, has also used his position as a platform for community outreach. From 2014-2018, Bryan served on the board of the City Servants, an organization whose mission is to connect, unite and support philanthropic activities in the Cincinnati area. He’s also been on the FEI Cincinnati membership committee for 10 years. Financial Executives International connects senior-level financial executives by defining the profession, exchanging ideas about best practices, educating members and others and working with the government to improve the general economy.

Additionally, Jason and Bryan encourage team activities for Vernovis involving volunteer efforts or monetary support. The team has volunteered for the Freestore Food Bank in Cincinnati, preparing ready to eat meals and snacks for underprivileged children. Their food packs were taken to schools, feeding over a thousand food-insecure children. They have been involved with the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Cincinnati, by making blankets and toys for rescued cats and dogs, and providing food, litter and treats. 

Other milestones, achievements, etc.:

This year marks Vernovis’ 10-year anniversary. In 2017, Vernovis expanded into a new market by opening an office in Columbus. The company has been recognized three consecutive years as an Inc 5000 company, twice as a Fast 55 growing company by the Cincinnati Business Courier, Emerging Organization by LEAD Magazine, and Bryan and Jason have been individually recognized as 40 under 40, Entrepreneurial Vision Award winners respectively, and nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

Fun facts about you/your business:

The name Vernovis is comprised of three latin derivatives for the words New, Vision and Trust.  The name happened almost by accident when Bryan and Jason were brainstorming with a marketing consultant on naming the business.  After hours of deliberation, they playfully started combining derivatives and laughing at the outcomes, when “Vernovis” struck a chord.  

Further, upon initially starting the company and before they had a team, Bryan and Jason would often play the song “just the two of us” while working together in the office as a joke.  Today, that song is often revisited while reminiscing on the hard work it took to bring Vernovis to what it is today.   

Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

Vernovis’ foundation is simple: do the right thing. A large part of that is developing, equipping and supporting people and the community. The Mason Deerfield chamber directly aligns with that goal by focusing on educating professionals, community development and business growth. The Mason Deerfied Chamber’s passion for its business community is a big part of why Vernovis sits in Deerfield Township today.  The connection and organization of its members fosters the type of community involvement we seek to have at Vernovis.