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Building Blocks for Kids

2023 Community Partner of the Year Finalist

MADE Chamber & Community Involvement:

  • BB4K tries to participate in as many Chamber Cafes and Happy Hours as we can.  

  • We partner and collaborate with many Mason and Deerfield area businesses and nonprofits.

  • We were guests at last year's Gems of Excellence event.

Fun Facts About You/Your Business:

  • We were founded in 2003 and are completing our 20th year serving the community.

  • We host a Bubble Blast 4K (think Foam Party) every August for families to enjoy as an end of summer party.

  • BB4K has served more than 1000 families over the past 20 years and raised several million dollars.

A Bit About Building Blocks for Kids

Building Blocks for Kids, or BB4K, was founded in January 2003 with a mission to provide support, resources, scholarships, and hope to families who have children with physical, emotional, and/or developmental challenges. Since then, BB4K has given assistance to over 1000 individual children and provided more than $1.8 million in scholarships. 


But our mission isn't just about numbers, it's about improving the quality of life for children in our community. Imagine a child who can't communicate with their family because of a speech disorder, or a child who can't walk up the stairs to their own bedroom because of a mobility issue. These are the children we at BB4K strive to help every day. 


Our core values of compassion, commitment, hope, family, and community guide us in everything we do. We believe that by showing compassion and care for these children and their families, we can provide hope for a better future. We are committed to helping as many families as possible and creating a community for families who have children with special needs and live within a 120-mile radius of the Greater Cincinnati area. 


Through our various programs such as therapy, home modifications, and medical equipment, we are able to improve the quality of life for children in need. We provide therapy for children to receive needed therapy, modifications to the child's home environment, programs and devices that help a child interact with the world, transportation assistance, and much more. 

Learn A Bit More

Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

Like the sapphire, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a
gemstone, what would they be?

Networking and collaborating is very important to us as a nonprofit and the MADE Chamber is very intentional about giving members a lot of opportunities to connect.

The strength of Building Blocks for Kids lies in our resiliency and long lasting impact. Gemstones are known for being durable and hence, for their ability to be passed down through generations. In that same way, BB4K has always had a relient culture of adaptability and the ability to bounce back from challenges including the recession of 2008 and more recently COVID. In addition, the landscape of fundraising has changed a lot over 20 years, especially in the digital sense, and BB4K has continued to adapt with those changes. Lastly, we seek to build legacy that endures for many years and beyond the founders of the organization.

Fostering collaboration and unveiling potential

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