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David Charpentier

David Charpentier has a passion for helping people lead successful and fulfilled lives. David believes the greater the understanding of self, the more success a person has leading, being part of a group and thriving in relationships at work and home. David brings a wealth of experience to his work as a certified Executive Life Coach and Enneagram teacher and trainer in the narrative tradition.

David’s unique background inspires his results-oriented, passionate, approach. With a BA in History and Secondary Education and a minor in Military Science, David pursued a career in the United States Army where he served for six years on active duty as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Officer. David held leadership roles both as a subject matter expert advising senior leaders and leading large and diverse teams. He is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, the Army’s Elite Light Infantry Training course. David went on to transition successfully into Corporate America where he worked in sales and operations for Fortune 500 companies – selling, implementing and managing multi-million dollar deals. This unique ability to understand a customer’s needs and motivations and his specialty in helping sales teams unlock their potential drove David’s success.

David resides in Deerfield Township with his wife Susan and their four children. David is the Past Commander of Joe Barr American Legion Post 194. He volunteered on the committee to build the Veterans Park in Deerfield Township, is the President of the Mason Touchdown Club, serves on the Mason City Schools Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and District Safety Committee. He is a Lead on MADE CDC Mason Mile Project, and serves on the MADE Chamber Government Executive Committee.

MADE Chamber and community involvement:

Member of MADE Chamber, Member of Government Affairs Executive Committee, Team of Teams Lead - MADE CDC Mason Mile Project, Member of Mason City Schools DEI Council and Safety Committee, Former Commander Joe Barr American Legion Post 194, President Mason Touchdown Club Booster Organization


Why is being part of the Mason Deerfield Chamber important to you/your organization?

The MADE Chamber is important because of the Connections and Place it has in our community.  It is much more than an advocate for “businesses.”  It is an advocate for our entire community to be a better place to live, work and play.  At Conscious Dynamics we believe in the power of community at work and home.

Fun facts about you/your business:

CD is a Woman, Veteran Owned Business.  I am a huge fan of and a 20 year season subscriber to Cincinnati Opera.  I was also a stay at home parent for 7 years.

Like the emerald, businesses and organizations have many facets. Which facet is your strength and why?

My particular strength is facilitating conscious connections for individuals with themselves and those they come in contact with.  Our practice is focused on raising the overall emotional/social intelligence of individuals and teams.  Focusing and creating conscious connections in communication, leadership, conflict resolution and team building has an impact in all aspects of life.

If your company culture, or personal persona, had to be summed up in five words or less, reflective of a gemstone, what would they be?

Conscious Connection

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