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Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps is a French expression meaning literally “Spirit of Corps” or “Spirit of Body” in the English language. Each year, the Board Chair selects an honoree that has exhibited the core values of honor, courage, and commitment that is not only the fighting spirit, but the pride for the unit, and the devotion and loyalty to the other members. This year, Board Chair Cathy Harbison has selected the Mason Mile business MADE Chamber members for the prestigious award.


"I have chosen a group of dedicated small business owners who have shown the true spirit and core value of the Esprit de Corps. This group started small but soon grew with open invitations to include other businesses within the downtown business district now known as the Mason Mile. These Chamber members have shown pride, commitment, and at times courage, and their devotion to the success of the grassroots movement to strengthen our City heart has been unwavering."


Cathy Harbison

Owner, Baysore's Flower Shop

2023 Chair, MADE Chamber Board of Directors

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